Parenting Tips on Bio Medical Treatments for Autism

Are you the parent of a young child who has been diagnosed with
Autism? Have you heard about bio medical treatments, and wondered if
they could help your child? The exciting news is that Autism is now
considered a treatable disability! This article will discuss a summary
of currently available bio medical treatment for Autism.

The Bio medical treatment has a four prong approach:

1. Bring the toxin load down

2. Help the gut heal

3. Get the nutrients up

4. Get the metal and other toxins out

Each of these will be discussed individually.

1. Toxins are anything that creates stress on the body. Below are a
few things that you can do to bring down the toxin load.

a. Remove casein (dairy) and gluten (wheat) for the diet. If this is
over whelming you could start by removing dairy, and see how your
child responds. Then work on removing wheat. Many children with Autism
are allergic to dairy and wheat.

b. Remove other food allergens from the diet

c. Get rid of bad sugar

d. Remove conventional household cleaners

e. Make sure that any vaccines received by your child are

2. Environmental illness typically causes gastrointestinal distress
and food sensitivity. Some of the ways to help the gut heal include:

a. Removal of food allergens.

b. Cod Liver Oil is a critical supplement that provides much
needed vitamin A.

c. Probiotics are natural supplements that provide the stomach with
“good” gut flora.

d. Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down foods.

e. Colostrum is a natural supplement that provides many gut healing
and immune system boosting properties.

3. A broad vitamin and mineral supplement is important for restoring
health. Minerals are especially important; Zinc, Selenium and
Magnesium are particularly important for renewed health.

4. Detoxification is critical to restoring your child to proper
health. Some of the more popular forms are:

a. Chelation requires the care of a qualified doctor and involves
using a prescription chelating agent.

b. Natural detoxifiers can be helpful to children with the
detoxification process.

These bio medical treatments have different effects on different
children with Autism. Check with your medical doctor before trying any
of these treatments. A good resource for information on Autism can
be found at:

Now that you know what treatments are available you can be involved
in your child’s treatment. Good Luck, your child is depending on you!

Ringing Ears Treatment – What Are the Available Medical Treatment Options?

Tinnitus is a condition where you hear ringing or other types of sound in the absence of real acoustic stimulation. When it comes to treating this condition, there are indeed very limited options in medical treatment for this hearing condition. Up till now there is no proven medical treatment – drug or surgery – that specifically targets tinnitus. However, there is still a list of possible medical treatments that offer a certain extent of relief for millions of tinnitus sufferers worldwide.

1. Medicines

Medical scientists are still working hard to find an effective tinnitus-targeted medical treatment. So far medicines that have been used to treat ringing ears include antidepressants, drugs to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, and lignocaine (a local anesthetic). While some of those drugs appear to confer short-term relief, some demonstrated different efficacies. So far no firm evidence is available to prove the effectiveness of these agents in stopping ringing ears for good. Furthermore, those medicines are associated with undesirable effects.

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT may offer some benefits if you want to quickly cope with ringing ears. It is usually used in conjunction with noise therapy. The purpose of this form of treatment is to help the tinnitus patient to dissociate himself from the ringing sound. You should understand though that CBT doesn’t really get rid of tinnitus; it just helps you to tolerate ringing ears better and to cope with it.

3. Tinnitus maskers

You may find great relief using a tinnitus masker, a device worn like a hearing aid that provides a low-level sound to cover up (i.e. mask) the tinnitus, so that people with tinnitus are able to fall asleep. Indeed, if your main concern with tinnitus is trouble falling asleep, the sound of a fan, radio, or white noise machine is the only thing required to alleviate the problem.

4. Tinnitus retraining therapy

As a tinnitus sufferer, you may also find tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) beneficial for your condition. As you can see, people are looking around for possible medical treatment for tinnitus. Sadly, a proven medical cure for this chronic condition is still out of reach at this moment. The only way to relieve tinnitus permanently is by addressing the underlying cause that causes ringing ears.